Monday, 29 September 2014


Things haven't been very beauty focused this month what with the weather changing and everyone worrying about transitional wardrobe essentials so I thought I'd share with you my non beauty favourites for September.

Dusty pink Matalan skater shoes: Imagine Topshop skater shoes but half the price and twice as comfy! Forget the two weeks of unimaginable pain that comes with the Topshop pair, the Matalan version are like little bunnies tickling your toes. I'm definitely going to be keeping an eye out for other designs to see me through Autumn.

H&M camel scarf: Whoever's idea it was to put gorgeous pieces near the queuing area is a genius! This little beauty roped me in as I was waiting to pay and at just £7.99 it was impossible to resist.

eBay watch: Despite it costing almost double the amount of the watch to get multiple links removed, I am obsessed with this piece. I've received so many compliments and questions as to where its from and no one ever believes me when I say eBay for a mere £3.88

Laptop sleeve eBay: This may sound strange but the idea of carrying all my laptop essentials with me everywhere I go seems ridiculous.. If I know I'm only popping into town to do some work, I won't need my charger multiple cables so having a nifty little sleeve to keep it in and protect it from lumps and bumps was ideal. This bargain from eBay (not sponsored I promise) was only £7.99 and comes in a variety of colours. I wen't for black simply so I didn't get bored and end up buying a new one every week.

Map my walk: Map my walk is a pretty self explanatory app Ive recently discovered on my iPhone. Since I moved out and now live a LOT further from work than I did before I thought it would be interesting to see exactly how far I was walking, how many calories I was burning and what routes where shorter than others. It's a really easy app to work and is great for those of you constantly on the go!

What have been your non beauty faves this month? 

Charlotte x

Friday, 26 September 2014


In a mad rush to find something to wear the other day I popped into the Primark store in Bath. Our store where I live isn't exactly huge so whenever I find myself at large city versions I get pretty over-whelmed. 

My main aim was for a smart pair of trousers and what a surprise I left with no trousers but these gorgeous, matte "leather" shoes. I put them on the next day and at no point did I feel them rubbing or squashing my toes! I love Primark for upping their shoe game and increasing their shoe sizes to an 8, a true fit and great styles - what more can a girl with bigger feet like me ask for?

I couldn't believe my eyes when I got to the counter only to be told they where only £12!! Expect to see these in upcoming outfit posts, I doubt they'll be leaving my feet all Autumn..

Charlotte x

Wednesday, 24 September 2014


As I sit here typing this I'm currently staying in an town house apartment in the beautiful city of Bath, stuffing my face with olives. I am here for 3 days with my family, for reasons I don't really want to discuss however I can't wait to make the most of my stay here and do some exploring.

After a 4 and a half hour drive, the first thing I wanted to do was some shopping (shock), followed by a large Peroni, some chill time and a quick catch up reading some blogs.

Let me know if any of you know any good places to eat or nice bars to check out, and as always leave make sure you link your blogs in the comments below. I haven't bought my big camera with me so follow me on Instagram for more updates.

Charlotte x

Monday, 22 September 2014


Hello you lovely bunch. After a hectic week moving in, multiple phone calls and plenty of heavy boxes, I'm back on the blogging scene - Monday, Wednesday and Friday. What better (more predictable) way to start the ball rolling again than with a wishlist. I was in my local H&M recently and they are doing AW/14 amazingly well. I hope you haven't missed me too much, and a big thank you to my guest bloggers who have filled a 7 day gap for me! Be sure to check out their blogs.

I also hit 100 subscribers on Bloglovin for the M.A.C Snob lipstick! I will be picking a winner this week and mentioning them on here and via Instagram. Entries are still valid until Wednesday - be in with a chance to win and see the rules here

Charlotte x

Saturday, 20 September 2014


I don't know about you but when September comes around and the post summer blues kick in, I start to feel rather trapped in a work filled mind and I loose touch with my hobbies, passions and favourite things, which for me is Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle and some random others. Luckily, I still have my computer, tablet and phone at my disposal and they still offer a great chance for relaxation from the stress to surf the net and read or interact with websites I can enjoy. Charlotte has kindly allowed me to do this guest post for her wonderful readers, and I've decided that I'm going to share with you my list of Autumn online favourites to bookmark and take refuge in as we ease into fall. Enjoy!

Fashion, beauty and lifestyle:
     Fashionista is a reliable, go-to site for fashion, beauty, careers, lifestyle and the latest of everything of interest to tech savy people like us; budding fashionistas basically. It is perfect for those of us who commute, work endless hours or study endless hours, because it's always updated with the latest trends and news so you don't miss a thing.

     They all hate us is a website you can treasure forever and has an amazing atmosphere and a beautiful community. It started off as two fashion obsessed best friends sending inspirational photos to each other to get them through the day and branched out into a blog thats internationally recognised as every girls happy place. They post the most beautiful images and let their Fashion loves thrive and share with the world what an amazing thing fashion is and having someone to love it with you. 

     The CR Fashionbook is a beautifully designed, fashion dedicated website that is a fashion lovers heaven. It offers inside details about the latest fashion shows and trends, designers and up coming events and everything you could ever want to know fashion wise. The images, videos and articles displayed are spectacular and really keep you in the fashion loop. 

    I only recently discovered what a true gem cosmopolitan is. It's funny, honest, helpful and always there. That sort of describes an ideal best friend, but that's what Cosmo is all about. It likes to gossip so you never miss out on the latest news (celebs, events etc) and it has beauty, fashion and lifestyle advice with articles that are extremely informative. If you're looking to get fit this autumn Cosmo can help, if you need some relationship advice Cosmo can help, even if you just want a quick read of a cheeky bit of gossip, Cosmo has got you covered. So if you haven't read the magazine or been on the site before, I highly recommend you do so.

Blogs I've loved this Autumn:

     The Lovecats Inc is a wonderful beauty and style blog by a lovely lady called Helen whom I've had the privilege to work with. She is a talented, dedicated and a beautiful woman and her blog is very much the same. She posts frequently and her advice and recommendations are priceless.

    There are so many amazing things you can say about Grace and her blog so I wouldn't know where to start. The best thing about her though, is the fact that she is so relatable and really puts a lot of effort into getting to know her readers, and making it easy for her readers to get to know her. She's just as obsessed with beauty and fashion (and food...) as the rest of us and is a joy to catch up with. 

    Style Playground is run by Axelle, a Belgian woman who studied Fashion design in England and Paris. As you can imagine, she knows her stuff and has a fantastic range of interesting and informative posts. Axelle also has a YouTube channel which is equally as good and is a great chance to get to know her even better.

     So there you have it, my Autumn online favourites. I'm a student and I get so mad when I'm just constantly studying with no breaks, so being able to sit down and have a little read of something fun and informative can be so relieving from all that stress. It also just means I get to read about what I love, and who doesn't enjoy that? One blog I did forget to mention was this one; Charlotte has an amazing blog here at Styleaked and a beautiful writing style that I just adore so it's been such a privileged to post here. Thank you so much for reading this post and I hope to see some of you over on my blog soon x

                                                         Jessica Anna at A So Called Beauty Blog


Wednesday, 17 September 2014


I’m so excited to be guest blogging for Charlotte! I blog over at Pull Down The Moon, which just contains beauty, lifestyle and skincare.

I thought for my post for Charlotte I’d talk about the latest offerings I received in my Birchbox. If you don’t know what Birchbox is, it’s a beauty box which provides 6-7 samples including one full size product. They have a range of products, so people do receive different boxes.

Birchbox always go with a theme for their boxes and this month’s one was ‘Happy Days,’ something to do with us moving into Autumn, I think…Anyway, I was really really pleased with my box and you’ll find out why soon. For now let the unveiling begin, this box included:

Korres Citrus Showergel - I’ve never tried anything by Korres ,so I’m excited to use this. It will only get used at the gym because its dinky size is perfect for lugging around.

Agave Healing Oil Treatment - I am super excited for this! It is meant to be so good for hair and this one smells divine! I am yet to use it on my weave or my hair but I shall definitely be doing so!

Beautyblender + Blendercleanser Solid - The star of the show! I think this is the full size blender and it came with the soap. I've already used the soap to clean the beautyblender and my brushes and I’m swooning over it, yes I’m swooning over soap for sponges. I've also tested out the Beautyblender and I can safely say that I see what all the fuss is about, it makes my foundation look like my own skin and is just very flawless.

Benefits It's Potent! Eye Cream – This is the second Benefit product I have been able to try thanks to Birchbox. I am looking forward to using it because it is super popular!

ModelCo Powerlash Black Mascara – I’ve used this mascara once and can’t say I love it, but I don’t hate it. I like the fact that it’s a sample size if I’m honest, makes it handier for travelling!

There were two other bits I got which was the Birchbox Photo Clip, they had collaborated with Photobox, hence the Photo Clip. Not sure I'll actually get any use out of this as I don't ever print photos, but it's pretty. I also got a fruit pack by Urban Fruit (as shown in the last picture) in Magnificent Mango. I don't like mango so I gave it to my mum and she really liked it!

So that's it for my September box. If you like the look of this then feel free to subscribe – you never know you might be able to bag yourself a Beautyblender, or at the very least you might fall in love with a new product.

Thank you so much to Charlotte for letting me blog for her. If you feel like visiting me I’m over on Pull Down The Moon. Thanks for reading!

Monday, 15 September 2014


Hi Charlotte's lovely readers! My name is Faye and I blog about fashion and beauty over at i wish i could wink. As Charlotte is currently moving into her new abode (complete with lots of cute stuff from H&M Home-jealous), I am taking over her today's blog post with a classic OOTD. 

Shirt H&M
Skirt Primark 
Shoes River Island

I've recently moved to Dubai, and it is WARM! I only managed to squeeze a 'capsule' (read: microscopic) collection of my clothes into my suitcase, and I'm glad this Primark skirt made the cut as it's come in so handy. It works for both day and night, plus I don't think I'll ever get over gingham- it's just so cute and playful without being overly girly. I've wanted a light blue shirt after seeing them crop up again and again on street style blogs, and this one was a bargain from H&M at only £14.99. 

Although Summer is my favourite season and  it's great being able to wear bare legs and sandals every day (not having to check the weather is a dream), I am jealous of the fact it's getting to be Autumn in the UK. Autumn/Winter fashion is always so much better- I love the layering, the stomping around in new boots and the search for the perfect winter coat. I'll just have to live vicariously through blogs for the next six months! 

Are you excited about Autumn?

Faye x

Thursday, 11 September 2014


Tomorrow is the big day that I finally flee the nest and move into my very own, first house! This said, means I'm going to be left with none existant/minimal internet connection for a week or so, and no camera as it's staying at my parents house for the time being. I was curious if any of my lovely followers or fashion bloggers out there would be interested in guest blogging to keep my feed consistant and get yourself some publicity?

If you're interested don't hesitate to drop me an email at with the subject "Guest Blogging". Times like this are where the blogging community always help eachother out and I'd appriciate so much and love you all more than I already do.. (if that's possible)

Also, don't forget to enter my Bloglovin' giveaway here!
Charlotte x


Tuesday, 9 September 2014


Do any of you ever look at something and wish it had been designed for use of something else? This is a constant thought of mine so I took it upon myself to do so! After enjoying some form of Gu Cheesecake I thoroughly washed out the glass jar and used it for storing my rings and loose earrings. I can't even tell you how many people ask me where it's from and are shocked when I say it was once a dessert. Secondly, I purchased a candle from Matalan around a year ago for the bargain price of £2 - yet with the price came a really uneven burning wick and a prime location for dust to gather, so I took a knife to the wax and cleaned it all down. Next thing I knew, candle holder became make up brush holder! I love little things like this as it's a great way to save money especially for all you students/first time home buyers out there!!

Let me know if you'd like to see more posts like this, I move out on Friday 12th September (ahhh) and I'm so keen to find more ways or re-working items for better uses.

Charlotte x

Sunday, 7 September 2014


I've been reading so many beauty bloggers posting about dark nail polishes for Autumn - getting all excited for deep purples and burnt reds and I'm sat here painting my nails in Lychee from the Barry M Gelly collection.... Is it just me that thinks nudes are more appropriate for AW?

Someone assure me I'm not alone on this one!! What are your favourite colour polishes for the cooler months?
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Charlotte x


Friday, 5 September 2014


There's nothing worse than spending well earned money on products that don't live up to their reputation, here's my top 5..

Benefit Lolli Tint: I must have used this 3 or 4 times before realising the colour wasn't for me. It's too purple toned and I hoped the vibrancy wouldn't show through when applied however I was very wrong, leaving me with pneumonia style lips...

M.A.C Pro Longwear Concealer: If it wasn't for the over excitable pump, this product wouldn't be half as disappointing. Not only can you not control the amount of product you are pumping, its either all or nothing. It dispenses far too much product to be used as a concealer! I got this one shade lighter than my foundation in order for it to act as a highlighting concealer but failed drastically.

Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Eraser: I never understood this product after reading all the amazing reviews online I thought it must have just been me. I tried and tried with this primer but I still don't see what everyone was raving about, It left me feeling oily and unfortunately I didn't see my make up application differ at all.

Bourjois Liner Feutre in Ultra Black: I've never been great at applying liquid eyeliner but the felt tip applicator on this product is what grabbed my attention. The initial appearance of the liner is great but it only takes an hour or so before it starts flaking and looking crusty. I used it twice until it got pushed to the back of my make up stash.

Rimmel eyebrow pencil in Dark Brown: I know a lot of beauty bloggers love this product and for me it was fine when I was 17 and didn't really know much about filling in my eyebrows. After using higher quality products I find this one to be chalky, unblendable and the pencil blunts super easily. As a first time brow pencil its fine as somewhere to start but there's certainly more hype worthy products on the market.

Let me know what your most disappointing products are, I read all your comments and check out all blogs left below :)
Charlotte x

Tuesday, 2 September 2014


A sneak peek into whats in my current bag for Autumn, I downsized bags about a month ago simply because I was carrying too much tat around with me and heavy luggage ain't cute. This bag cost me £2.50 from a local charity shop and it was an absolute steal, plenty of compartments and it's real leather!

I always find it handy to carry a CV around with me, you never know who you'll end up meeting!

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Charlotte x

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