Friday, 19 April 2019


Some of you might know I'm currently in the process of buying my first home, a three bedroom semi detached house just on the outskirts of Leeds.

Although it hasn't been the smoothest of processes one thing I can find comfort in, is planning the decor of each room exactly to myself and Dan's taste. I've got Pinterest mood boards coming out of my ears, but there's never any harm in sharing some ideas on a good old blog post. I give to you, my mood board for our guest bedroom.

First up, we will be taking with us our Ikea Malm double bed that we bought around 2 years ago when we moved into our current flat together. We don't really see much point in replacing it, if it's only been used a handful of times. However to go at the end of the bed, I'd love to feature something like these dusky pink ottomans from They're great for storage, and add a great pop of colour to the room. The Bouji Ottoman is a more traditional feel rather than the modern style of Asare Ottomon in the below photo. I think they'd both work really well with the feel of the room but time will tell!

Now if anyone else is like me, they're a creature of cluttering up the bedside table so my solution is to keep them small and avoid drawers that can be filled with junk. I'm obsessed with the Alana bedside tables also from to sit next to each side of the bed in our guest room, to be complimented with a simple table lamp and some decorative items.

No guest bedroom is complete without a candle (or three) like these from H&M, and some of that I'm-in-no-rush-to-get-out-of-bed type bedding. I've had my eye on a pom-pom style bedding set for a while in white now, but I could only find the link to a light blue one from Debenhams which is equally as lovely! 

They're the only snippets you're getting for now and who knows I may even change my mind when we eventually get moved in. If you have any homeware recommendations, please leave a comment or drop me a message on Instagram. There's nothing I love more than spending my weekend afternoons getting inspiration and saving items to my wishlist. 

Charlotte. X
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