Saturday, 29 March 2014


For day to day wear I'm all about simple eye make up with a gorgeous lip colour and with Summer getting closer and closer I thought I'd share with you my favourite lipsticks for the upcoming months.

From Left to Right: 
          My absolute favourite orange lipstick of all time, such a build-able colour great for a slight tint to the lip or a vibrant effect for a more dramatic look. I have worn this through all months of the year regardless of this being a Spring/Summer colour and have always received compliments on it. At only £6.49 this is an absolute bargain and I'll continue to re-purchase this until they discontinue it. 
          Imagine your favourite red lipstick and your favourite orange lipstick..... Then put them together. I would consider it more of a red lipstick with orange undertones but it looks absolutely flawless on the lips. With it being a Matte finish it doesn't budge all day and I've found I don't even need a lip liner to stop it bleeding. I can't wait wear with with a tan!!
          Snob is very similar to Pink Plaid (see below) however it has more of a blue undertone making it a lot of a cooler colour. It really is the queen of all baby pink lipsticks yet I tend to wear it when I'm making a bit more of an effort and really want my lips to stand out without being too in your face.
          My oh my.... My first ever M.A.C lipstick, I was a bit hesitant when I first bought this lipstick and it stayed at the back of my collection for a while but just after Christmas I rekindled my love for this little bad boy. The most perfect, warming pink that I wear literally every single day and even on a night out for a meal or drinks. 
          I can't even remember how long ago I bought this lipstick and I've ignored it for months always buying very similar colours then wondering why as I had neglected this one for so long but after feeling a bit under the weather a couple of weeks ago I just wanted a slight colour to my lips and this is the ideal "your lips but better" shade. I wouldn't say its a nude nor would I say it's a pink... Somewhere in-between. I'm not entirely sure if stores still stock this but I found it available online. I'd recommend going and swatching it first as I can imagine the colour looks very different on different skin tones and even natural lip colours. I add a tiny bit of concealer to my lips before application to get the true colour rather than my own colour coming through instead. 

Its safe to say I've become quite loyal to M.A.C lipsticks over the past 18 months or so but I still hold a soft spot for high street £5 and under lipsticks. Thanks for reading!!

Charlotte x


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