Tuesday, 29 March 2016


So last week, marked 12 weeks into my fitness journey. Most people say that after 12 weeks is when your body is used to the changes you have made and you will notice the most fair results, rather than dropping a few pounds in the first weeks after changing your diet. Now, I didn't think I'd ever be the kind of person that fell in love with the gym, working out and eating healthy but it happened! Once you start seeing the results you aimed for, I found its became a hobby rather than a chore - so I'm sharing with you my journey in the 12 weeks so far and a few things I've done to achieve my results. By no means am I fitness professional or a dietitian so please don't take anything I'm saying too seriously, and of course if you want better results please see a personal trainer or your doctor!

So, week one was a lot easier than I expected - the motivation was there and everything felt fresh and new and I was determined to work my ass off to get to where I wanted to be. After years of hating my body and not doing anything about it, the drive to change is what really started. I was at the gym maybe twice a week, doing a bit of cardio and a few leg presses - nothing substantial but it helped! I said goodbye to bread and crisps and continued eating as I had been doing.

The next couple of weeks didn't see much change so after reading that weight loss was 80% diet and 20% exercise - I cut out the chocolate... And Lord help me this was the hardest thing ever. The cravings hit so bad and I felt lethargic and had zero energy at the gym or at work. I learned the hard way that going cold turkey on sugars was not the right idea. Trial and error is the best way to learn what your body does and doesn't need so I let myself have a bit of chocolate here and there and it no longer does me any harm.

After a couple of months I really noticed I had plateaued - my figure wasn't changing and that's because neither was I. My workouts remained the same and so did my diet - time to switch things up again!... I hit the weights harder with lower reps, made sure I was getting in 10-15 minutes of cardio each time I went to the gym and I upped my protein game. I picked myself up a tonne (not literally) of whey protein, some protein bars to snack on and kill my chocolate cravings and the only thing I've been drinking is water and soya milk. Goodbyyyeee muffin top! My main problem areas started melting away, I had more energy and I felt fantastic still being able to treat myself every now and then to a burger or fries. My regular diet has been totally stripped down, limiting myself to chicken, steak, veggies and rice.. It sounds boring but throw in some spices or homemade sauces and it's really not that boring!

I'm now at around week 13 and I'm training 4-5 times a week, I take pre-workout from Monster Supplements whenever I'm hitting up leg day just to give me that extra boost and I'm also doing Blogilates Extreme Abs workout whenever I fancy a bit more of a challenge at home.

I've added my 12 week before and after pictures and hopefully in another 12 weeks I will be feeling leaner and healthier and I'll update you guys again!

Let me know in the comments if you'd like to see a part 2 of my fitness journey including workouts, the best brands to buy from and more tips! 


Tuesday, 22 March 2016


Aaannd, it's that time again! My March Birchbox landed on my doorstep a few days ago, but being bed bound with a nasty sickness bug has meant it's taken a while to get round to reviewing this months box so I'll keep it short and sweet! 

First up was the Model Co - More Brows (RRP £13.00), which was one of my favourite products from this month. The staying power of this brow gel is to die for, and the shade is a perfect match for my eyebrows! You leave it to dry for 60 seconds and you're done - I apply a little bit of brow pencil and they're complete. 

Next in my box was my favourite product by far, and that was the This Works Pillow Spray (RRP £16.00). Now Would I pay £16.00 for a pillow spray? Probably not, but for the times I finish work super late and have trouble getting to sleep this stuff really does work. A light misting over my pillows and I'm flat out in minutes 10/10 for any of you that struggle to get to sleep at night! 

Thirdly, was unfortunately a product I was less impressed by and that was the Polaar Moisturising Gel (RRP £25.90). For me this mouisturiser was just too lightweight and felt like I was applying a toner rather than a moisturiser, and especially at £25.90 for the full size I won't be repurchasing it! 

Next was the Philip B Straightening Baume (RRP £20.00) Now for someone who has naturally straight hair this probably wasn't the right product for me, although the texture and the scent of this was lovely. A pre-blowdry product to smooth out your hair and make it super sleek! 

And finally - the Amika Nourishing Mash (RRP £19.99) the only product I haven't tried this month comes in the form of this lovely hair mask, enriched with buckthorn berry and jojoba oil repairs your hair in minutes! Be sure to stay tuned for my thoughts on this mask once I've used it.

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Tuesday, 15 March 2016


I'm writing this as I tuck into my over night oats after a crazy session at the gym and I've decided that there are a lot of things that irritate me at the gym, so say hello to my pet peeves! Be sure to Tweet me if you feel the same, I'd love to hear what annoys other people!

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1. People who wear the wrong workout gear. Trust me, those Timberlands and snapbacks are not helping you workout. You look like a tool.

2. The guys that "spot" each other but infact just sit around on Tinder matching with anyone and everyone that shows up, and talking about how much of a "lad" they are.

3. People who don't clean the equipment. You wouldn't dribble on a table and not clean it up, so don't put your sweaty back on the benches and then up and leave..

4. Equipment hoarders. They sit on the floor, take one of everything (surprisingly in every weight you require), and use none of it. Please just take one thing at a time if you're not going to use it all.

5. The kind of people who stand in the mirrors and take pictures of themself. Can you not wait until you get home?

6. The Grunters.. I say no more.

7. Not re-racking weights or putting things back where they belong. Everyone in this gym knows where the things are that they want - weights do not belong dumped in a corner, don't be lazy.

8. The children.. Now I'd love to know if it's just me that witnesses this - but my gym at the moment is full of 17 (ish) year olds, messing around and standing on machines together, and just generally getting in the way. How do you find the money for a gym membership!? Someone explain please.

9. Those women who turn up to the gym with their group of friends and take up a tonne of treadmills, walking for 20 mins at the slowest speed talking about their lives like Desperate Housewives. Would you like me to get you a cup of tea to go with that intense workout?

10. And finally.. The thing I noticed for the first time today. The starer. Yep you heard that right! As I was doing my abs workout today, each time I sat up, this guy was just sat staring at me. Worrying - I know.

Let me know your thoughts and pet peeves in the comments and be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel for more fitness updates!

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