Saturday, 29 March 2014


For day to day wear I'm all about simple eye make up with a gorgeous lip colour and with Summer getting closer and closer I thought I'd share with you my favourite lipsticks for the upcoming months.

From Left to Right: 
          My absolute favourite orange lipstick of all time, such a build-able colour great for a slight tint to the lip or a vibrant effect for a more dramatic look. I have worn this through all months of the year regardless of this being a Spring/Summer colour and have always received compliments on it. At only £6.49 this is an absolute bargain and I'll continue to re-purchase this until they discontinue it. 
          Imagine your favourite red lipstick and your favourite orange lipstick..... Then put them together. I would consider it more of a red lipstick with orange undertones but it looks absolutely flawless on the lips. With it being a Matte finish it doesn't budge all day and I've found I don't even need a lip liner to stop it bleeding. I can't wait wear with with a tan!!
          Snob is very similar to Pink Plaid (see below) however it has more of a blue undertone making it a lot of a cooler colour. It really is the queen of all baby pink lipsticks yet I tend to wear it when I'm making a bit more of an effort and really want my lips to stand out without being too in your face.
          My oh my.... My first ever M.A.C lipstick, I was a bit hesitant when I first bought this lipstick and it stayed at the back of my collection for a while but just after Christmas I rekindled my love for this little bad boy. The most perfect, warming pink that I wear literally every single day and even on a night out for a meal or drinks. 
          I can't even remember how long ago I bought this lipstick and I've ignored it for months always buying very similar colours then wondering why as I had neglected this one for so long but after feeling a bit under the weather a couple of weeks ago I just wanted a slight colour to my lips and this is the ideal "your lips but better" shade. I wouldn't say its a nude nor would I say it's a pink... Somewhere in-between. I'm not entirely sure if stores still stock this but I found it available online. I'd recommend going and swatching it first as I can imagine the colour looks very different on different skin tones and even natural lip colours. I add a tiny bit of concealer to my lips before application to get the true colour rather than my own colour coming through instead. 

Its safe to say I've become quite loyal to M.A.C lipsticks over the past 18 months or so but I still hold a soft spot for high street £5 and under lipsticks. Thanks for reading!!

Charlotte x


Friday, 28 March 2014


Hi guys, I find myself being bombarding with new products on a daily basis, as well as trying to improve my skin care and there's always been such a hype about Primers so I thought I would give them a go. The idea of them is that they are meant to smooth out the appearance of your skin, make a perfect base for your foundation, minimise pores and ensure your make up stays put for longer.
My problem is that I think I'm expecting too much from a Primer, I'm hearing they are "miracle workers" and that people can't live without them but I'm just not getting it.
I started off with the Nivea Daily Essentials Hydrating Primer and thought little of it, it hydrated my skin and was lovely and smooth but that was all. It did nothing for my pores nor did it make my make up last any longer than usual...

So I moved onto the Maybelline Baby Skin Primer, which unlike the Nivea one that felt like a weightless moisturiser this actually has a gel like feel to it that I thought would provide all the things it is guaranteed to do. It improved the longevity of my make up and slightly smoothed out my skin but that's all I've noticed so far. Just me??

I wanted to experiment with the Benefit Porefessional but I can't justify spending that amount on something that isn't providing the results I hoped for :(
If you have any recommendations for alternatives to Primers please leave me a comment!!

Charlotte x

Wednesday, 26 March 2014


Over the past 6-8 month or so, I've seen everyone raving about Choies the clothing website and heard great things about their great quality items at very reasonable prices so I thought I'd take a look at what they were offering and its safe to say I was not unimpressed!! I can almost definitely see myself buying from them in the upcoming weeks so here's a quick round up of some of my favourite pieces and hopefully they may be appearing in a haul in the near future.

Charlotte x

Monday, 24 March 2014


So I've been having a bit of a Spring clean/organise in my room lately and thought since it was looking relatively tidy for once I'd give you a sneak peak of some of my favourite bits and bobs. Firstly my bed is my absolute pride and joy. A king sized slice of heaven all to myself.... As you can tell my room is very plain in colour but I enjoy updating it seasonally through cushions, duvet covers, flowers and candles. My duvet cover I got recently from Tesco at £25 which is pretty good for a king size but I couldn't find the link online - sorry!!

Most of the furniture in my room is from second hand/vintage/pre-loved shops so I can't give you the link to where I got it unfortunately but with plenty of hunting those kinds of places I'm sure you can find pieces of equal originality for a fraction of their previous price. My chest of drawers for example is the dirtiest and shabbiest thing in my room covered in scuffs and marks but I love it. The shallow drawers are great for make up storage, pyjamas and undies. My lamp is also from a pre-loved vintage shop and cost around £7 I think, its touch sensitive with 3 different settings which is great for a calm atmosphere in the evenings. 

I store most of my make up brushes in this old candle jar (orignally from Matalan). I dug out the candle as it was burning unevenly and gave it a quick wash and voila!! A perfect shabby brush holder, apologies for not cleaning my brushes before taking these pictures....

After a jewellery clear out these are the only necklaces I was left with - time for some shopping I think!! Necklace holders like this can be found all over, try eBay for the best prices. Yes I do have fairy lights in my room and yes I know it is no longer Christmas but I think they add such a cosy touch to the room so they're staying put for now.

Charlotte x

Thursday, 20 March 2014


As I work in an industry where I am face to face with customers for a minimum of 6 hours a day I like to keep my make up subtle yet still looking like I've made somewhat of an effort. My base make up is fairly simple, I start off with my Maybelline FIT me foundation in the shade 210 which I absolutely adore - applied with either the Real Techniques Expert face Brush, or the Real Techniques Stippling Brush.
I then add a bit of the Collection Last Perfection concealer in the shade Light - I'm sure you've heard every beauty blogger rave about this product but it really is up there with one of my most essential make up products!! Finished off with my NYC Translucent Pressed powder using the Real Techniques Powder Brush, and a quick dab of the amazing Benefit High Beam highlighter - my most recommended Benefit product.

I keep my eye make up minimal on working days, sticking with Max Factors 2000 Calorie mascara and the famously cheap and cheerful Rimmel eyebrow Pencil.

As for the lips I always apply some sort of lip balm. On my dads last trip the America he came home with EVERY flavour EOS lip balm which was a bit crazy but means I'll have baby soft lips until I'm in my 30's!! My go to lipsticks on a day to day basis are MAC's Pink Plaid or Snob. Both gorgeous shades of pink that compliment any skin tone for any time of year.

If you'd be interested in seeing how my make up looks using these products leave me a comment or follow me on Instagram @styleaked for more pictures. 
Charlotte x


Wednesday, 19 March 2014


Hi guys, with a few holidays approaching a lot quicker than anticipated, I've been hunting for versatile pieces I can mix and match to avoid taking too much luggage and of course to have room to bring home goodies!! I've always been fond of the Pretty Little Thing website, and some of their pieces are great dupes for things found in Topshop or River Island. 
I was recently on their website and came across the VIP Blogger advert - a chance to become a VIP PLT Blogger, style your own shoot, win the outfit blogged about and take over their blog for FOUR weeks!!! I thought what better time take part than my Wishlist Wednesday, so here are some of my favourite pieces they're currently stocking.

1.Kirsten White Sleeveless Smock Dress (link)
2.Belinda Black Fedora (link)
3.Tamara Black Sunglasses (link)
4.Juliana Black Block Heel Sandals (link

I think this outfit would look gorgeous for the warmer weather - during the day over a bikini if you're popping out for lunch, or even in the evening when the entertainment runs late into the night!! Finished off with a kimono for when it gets cooler on the evening and a stack load of rings and this outfit is done. Looks like I might just have to slip some of these into my shopping basket as my holiday isn't far away anymore and the little bit of sun we've had in the UK is getting me fairly excited!!
Head over to the PLT Website and check out some of their fantasticly affordable pieces for yourself.
Charlotte x

Monday, 17 March 2014


My last "baking" attempt seemed to go down pretty well so I thought I'd share with you my favourite and most simplistic way to keep your sweet tooth at bay. They are the yummiest little treats and totally guilt free.

Preparation and cooking time takes no longer than half an hour, with 5/10 minutes to let them cool down afterwards. The ingredients below are from the original recipe however I doubled these as I was making a larger batch.
All you need is:

  • 2 Weetabix
  • 6 tsp granulated sweetener
  • 1 egg
  • 1/2 Muller Light yoghurt
  • 1/2 Freddo (optional)
Once you have crushed the Weetabix you simply add everything into the bowl and mix until you get the required consistency and pop them into a muffin tray and into the oven pre-heated at 180 degrees Celsius.

I added half a Freddo to a portion of the mixture as a tester and they came out perfectly. If you're not keen on the sweetness I would stick to the original recipe. 

Once your muffins have cooled down and are ready to eat you can be as creative as you wish with your toppings, my go to option is usually banana and blueberries but we don't have any today so I settled for grapes - equally as impressive!!

Let me know if you have any other healthy dessert recipes I'm always looking for new things to try.
Charlotte x

Wednesday, 12 March 2014


Hi lovlies, I could write "I need these" and attach the following picture and be done with this post. I think I've finally found what I want to wear for my birthday and it is these beautiful powder blue trousers from ASOS.

I've mentioned before I am fairly tall and finding trousers/jeans long enough is an issue most of the time but these bad boys are high waisted - WIN. I adore how gorgeous the silver shoes look with this outfit but I'm struggling to find them anywhere on the ASOS website!!

Fingers crossed I can re-create this look with my own twist, most probably with a jacket - as although it is slightly warming up a little April is known for its showers and I don't fancy getting caught out in just a tshirt. These are currently in my Saved Items basket, but with payday only 2 days away they could be in the post before next week.

Let me know what pieces you're loving at the minute for the SS14 transition. 
Charlotte x


Tuesday, 11 March 2014


I doubt many of you know that not only do I love to cook, but I am a member of my local Slimming World. One of the hardest challenges for me is trying not to give in to my sweet tooth which can be pretty tough some days. So I Googled a few dessert recipes on the Slimming World website and came across this Fluffy Chocolate mousse and I instantly had to have a go at trying it.

I spent 15 minutes walking around my local Tesco looking for Fromage Frais - one of the main ingredients for the mousse then be told they don't stock it anymore!! Madness!! So I came home in a huff and tried altering the recipe by using Natural Greek Yogurt, (it was worth a go) and to my surprise they came out pretty well. Not as great as the pictures on the SW website but still tasty. I squeezed half an orange onto the top of the mixture and finished it off with some orange peel and 1/3 Dairy Milk fun sized bar - I nibbled on the rest throughout...

The recipe says it makes 4 pots however as I altered the measurements I managed to get 2 fairly big pots out of it. Let me know if you'd be interested in any more posts like this, its not my stereotypical fashion/beauty post but its something I enjoy doing and wanted to share it with you.
This was the only picture I managed to get before eating it in under 10 minutes - sorry.

Charlotte x

Monday, 10 March 2014


I've been hunting for a pair of chunky, cleated ankle boots like this for at least 2 months now. Scouring the web and my local shops for something comfy yet affordable I found these beauties online. Originally £27.99 but down to £17.99 how is a girl meant to say no??? I ordered the very last pair from the New Look website however I'll attach the link (here) and you can keep an eye out in case they come back into stock.

They only had a size 7 left and I'm usually a 7.5 however because they we're described as "wide fit" I thought they might have a bit more stretch to them and they're a perfect fit - even though my feet are the furthest thing from wide. Now let me tell you that whichever angel designed these lined them with clouds, they are so so soft on the inside and I have worn them around the house to wear them in a bit and so far no blisters!!

I wasn't too keen on the zip detailing on the website but now they're here I love it. If unlike me you're not a fan of the long zip, it looks like the could be easily removed. The main part of the sole feels spongey yet the heel is really sturdy with no chance of wearing away. I am so happy with these and will definitely be buying more shoes from the New Look website as the store in my town doesn't offer much variety in the way of shoes.

On nights out I've been leaning towards comfort when it comes to shoes, usually going for a pair of heeled Chelsea boots and I think these will be a great alternative and comfort always means longer on the dancefloor!! I'll be sure to post some outfit pictures when I get round to styling them for different occasions.

Charlotte x


After seeing almost everyone in the blogging community rave about Benefits Lolli Tint - the newest addition to the tint range, I had to get my hands on it and see what the hype was about.

It is described as "candy-orchid" which I think is right on point. It is a gorgeous blush with a purple undertone leaving a gorgeous stain to be used on the cheeks and the lips. Unfortunately due to the natural colour of my lips the stain doesn't do me many favours however I am loving it for the cheeks!! Is it so important to blend it out as quickly as possible after application as it dries really fast and stains all day leaving you looking like a girly tribe member with 3 pink stripes across your cheeks.... Not cool.

For £24.50 you get 12.5ml of the Lolli Tint, at first I thought this was pretty pricey however looking at how long my High Beam has lasted me I think it is a very reasonable price for the amount of product you get and the little you need to get the desired effect.

I've got a feeling this colour will look gorgeous in summer with a tan and I can't wait to get some more use out of it. Good work Benefit!!! Follow me on Instagram, @styleaked to keep up with my daily life and things I'm too lazy to blog about... Oops.

Charlotte x

Wednesday, 5 March 2014


Well, well, well - we're already a quarter of the way through the year and I've been blogging for exactly a month today!! How is this year flying by so fast??
I've got another wishlist today, as most of my spending over the past couple of weeks has been on beauty related products so there may be a cheeky little haul soon to come.
I'm really trying to convince myself that it will be Spring soon and I wont spend forever in hoodies and slippers, so I've been eyeing up some pieces that will transition my wardrobe from Autumn to Spring/Summer. However there are so many gorgeous pieces on Missguided recently that have been making me want to buy an entire new wardrobe let alone a simple "transition".
Below are just a few items that I feel would be interchangeable during the colder days and for when it starts to warm up (if that day ever comes).......

1. The Chelo cut out sandals in Holographic Silver - wow. If these aren't statement shoes for someone who usually plays it safe with monochrome I don't know what is. I think these are so versatile regardless of how daring they may appear. I'd love to try styling these with skinny jeans and slouchy layers on top to ensure all the attention is on my feet.

2. I've been a fan of the "mom" jeans for ages but have never had the guts to buy them, nor have I even tried them on, but after seeing the Drew high waist mom jeans I was sold. I especially love that they're high waisted which is ideal when you're tall like me. I think they would  look great casual with flats, or even for evening drinks with a pair of heels and a long jacket. I need these in my life asap. Someone? Anyone? Please??

3. Finally, with it being my birthday early next month I've been hunting for something to wear and I am absolutely in love with both of these jumpsuits!!! The Drina cage back Jumpsuit (see first picture), and the Polly belted Jumpsuit. Both gorgeous and just what I'm looking for, which one I'll end up getting though will remain unknown for now.... Slimming World is going to have to do me a few more favours before I look remotely OK in either of these.

I hope this weeks wishlist has given you a sneak peak into some of the things I've been wanting. If you're not already following me on Bloglovin' why not!! I've just reached 29 followers which with February being my first month of blogging that means 1 lovely follower every day for the entire month.

Until next time.
Charlotte x

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