Wednesday, 31 December 2014


Ive done a couple of posts here and here about my new found love for nude lipstick after overcoming the idea of them not suiting me. And since then, well its clear Ive managed to become a bit of a hoarder..

Maybelline Colour Drama in Nude Perfection: My favourite of them all. A creamy texture with a non-drying matte finish in the form of a pencil. Its a super convenient product to chuck in your handbag on the way out the door and it is so easy to apply you wont even need a mirror.

Topshop Lipstick in Mink: This is definitely the darkest of the three, but it has a silky consistency and a gorgeous almost matte colour payoff that for such a low price I couldn't help but get one for myself when I was buying it as someones Christmas Present! (not sorry)

Maybelline Colour Sensational in Rosewood Pearl: Finaaallly, I dont usually like sheer, glossy lipsticks but for the days when you just want something different and dont have to worry about it smudging or bleeding then this will be your best friend. It doesn't last very long but I wouldn't expect it to with it being such a lightweight formula.

What are your favourite nudes?

Charlotte x


Monday, 29 December 2014


I recently got my hands on some Tiny Tea* and being a stereotypical Brit I jumped at the opportunity to review it. Tiny Tea claims to assist with bloating, indigestion, problematic skin, cellulite and tonnes more of that glamorous stuff, whilst promising that a percent of every sale is donated to carefully selected charities each month.

I had five tea bags to start myself off with and unlike most of products claiming to do the same thing, its quite tasteless, kind of a cross between a weak green tea and nettle tea. I've been drinking this in a morning with my breakfast and I've noticed I no longer get that 10 o'clock rumbling tummy but no drastic changes. Thankfully I havent had any side effects from this tea, as most similar products have been known to literally flush you out, (TMI sorry) but I never had this problem.

I took a before and after picture of my 5 day detox and can't see that much of a difference. It made breakfast more interesting but I probably won't be purchasing the full detox box simply because of the price.

Have you tried any detox teas before?

Charlotte x

Wednesday, 24 December 2014


After listening to constant Christmas songs at work since mid November, I decided to share with you the playlist Ive put together for Christmas day, when I head back to my mums to spend some quality time with my family. It's not filled with cheesy festive songs like most other playlists, just easy listening music. Spotify is a great way to create playlists for free, but if you pay you can use it offline without any adverts which is ideal for the car or when with friends so you can quickly search a song, artist or album and play it instantly.

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Charlotte x


Monday, 22 December 2014


As a big thank you for all your lovely comments and followings throughout this year I decided to do a giveaway for these Rayban sunglasses*. They're brand new from Shade Station and you just have to follow the steps below to enter. This giveaway is open until the 31st of January but is UK only - sorry!

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4. Leave a comment on this post with your links and email address telling me why you should win.

Big hugs and a massive thank you. Have a lovely Christmas :)

Charlotte x

Friday, 19 December 2014


This year is the one where me and most of my friends turn 21, and in January sees the turn of one of my closest friends Emma. The theme has been set as Great Gatsby and we have had months of notice however I'm only now looking for a dress and deserve a slap on the wrist. There are tonnes of great places to find flapper style/1920s themed dresses but I need your help to narrow down my options from the ones below. (Ive even managed to persuade my boyfriend into wearing semi co-ordinated outfits when I find one!)

If any of you have been to this kind of party before please leave links to where you got your outfits in the comments! Follow me on Instagram to keep up to date with my hunt.

Charlotte x


Wednesday, 17 December 2014


At the start of the month I received the Paul Mitchell Dry Wash* and I can't believe I haven't posted about it sooner. It doesn't have that powdery, white sticky texture that most Dry Shampoos have - instead its clear and comes out as a watery mist. Its perfect for when I dont have time to wash my hair, I used it last Friday and Im only having to wash my hair today - on Wednesday! Its also great for when I've just washed my hair, I pop a bit near my roots and it just gives me a bit of texture and volume. It's ideal for fine hair and doesn't weigh it down which is a lifesaver for me and my limp hair..

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Charlotte x


Monday, 15 December 2014


This is probably the least seasonally appropriate product to be reviewing when the temperature here in the North East is around 4 degrees. But when I work 5 days a week in what feels like an oven (even when its snowing outside), Im always on the hunt for light and refreshing drinks.

This Virtue Ice Tea* in Strawberry & Peach is naturally sweetened so isn't as sickly as most Ice Teas but its super fresh and is so much better for you than regular Ice Teas that use a tonne of sugar, and with only 63 calories per can there's no need to feel guilty. As far as Im aware they only have 2 flavours, Strawberry & Peach and Lemon but hopefully they release some more so I can stock up for the warmer weather!

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Charlotte x

Friday, 12 December 2014


Ive always been a huge fan of home decor which I partly thank my mum for as she was always painting the house different colours literally every month when I lived at home. And since I moved out with my friend back in September Ive realised how excited I am to decorate my next property and to just make it my own. I've seen all sorts of bloggers posting things from Pinterest and I never really understood the hype but its a lifesaver! I can spend unhealthy amounts of time constantly scrolling through looking for inspiration for all kinds of things from home decor, style and even hair cut ideas ready to take to the hairdressers. I thought I would share with you my current festive themed home decor board in hope it gives you as much excitement as it does me.

(All images are from Pinterest and do not belong to me)

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Charlotte x

Wednesday, 10 December 2014


I recently attended the Hull Blogger meet up, held at Fudge on Princes Avenue and was lucky enough to meet tonnes of amazing local bloggers. One of the brands that got involved was Nanshy, the creators of some of the most gorgeous synthetic make up brushes that are completely against animal testing and never use animal hair.

Im now the proud owner of the Blending brush* and Im being serious that only after one use I am obsessed! The bristles are sooo soft and they apply product so evenly without dropping any hairs. The big test for me is seeing how well they wash because that usually indicates how long they will last. I can't wait to try more of their products, next on my list is definitely the Conceal Perfector brush.

Have you tried any Nanshy brushes before?

Charlotte x

Friday, 5 December 2014


So in the past ive shown you a couple of "whats on my face recently" or "my current make up faves" kind of posts, but never shown you the actual result of those products. Soooo, here is just a sneak peak at my current quick go-to make up style which ive managed to master in under twenty minutes!

Im currently typing this before I pop to town to get some bits and bobs for Christmas decorations - so if you have any questions about what I have on my very average face leave them in the comments and I'll reply to them all.

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Charlotte x

Wednesday, 3 December 2014


Only the other day you saw me singing the praises of Essie polishes here, after buying Mind Your Mittens, and how I finally understood the hype. So I popped back to town and picked up Cocktails and Coconuts - again for only £3.99, and as you can imagine, I got home and couldn't wait to try it. I fully prepped my nails and even pushed the boat out and used a base coat (fancy). Just like my other Essie polish it applied like a dream and although the colour wasn't as great as I imagined it still looked lovely. All was well until after a full day on a training course from work I returned home to find some serious chipping damage. Not a happy bunny. I really want to know if anyone else had this problem with Cocktails and Coconuts or is it just me? Maybe with an even fancier topcoat next time and a bit more TLC it might last longer. Im determined to make this work and add it to my ever growing nude polish collection.

Charlotte x

Monday, 1 December 2014


If you follow me on Instagram you'll see that I only recently bought my winter coat for this year at a mere £7.50 from a local charity shop. Of course this then leads me to lust over all the coats on Asos and surprise surprise they seem to make their way to my saved items list. Here are a few im currently desperate to order to ensure im marginally warmer this year in sunny Hull..

Navy Coat / Grey Longline Coat / River Island Camel coat / Leather Cagoule / Quilted coat  

Charlotte x
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