Monday, 5 January 2015


So as of yesterday my work has shut for a refurb, and after our staff party last night I now find myself on the sofa in fuzzy, hungover state sharing with you some of my resolutions for the New Year.

Look after myself
I know everyone says they want to eat better or lose weight in the new year and I do, but I also aim to eat properly and get a realistic amount of sleep in 2015. Working shifts is hard enough but combining it with bad health habits just makes me unwell.

Start running
Thanks to Anna from VDM Ive been wanting to get into running for ages, I want to get all the right clothing and equipment to whip myself into shape.

Make plans in advance
2014 made me realize how easy it is for the months to slip by literally without doing anything but work, eat and sleep. This year I plan to have something planned for every month. Be it a weekend away, a blogger event, a holiday (hint hint to the boyfriend if youre reading) or even booking a table to try a new restaurant.

Get my own camera
For nearly a year Ive been blogging I have used my mums partners camera, of which I am hugely grateful for but its definitely time to fork out and buy my own. Ive always appreciated good quality photography and this year I want to have my own and take it everywhere. If you have any relatively affordable ideas leave them in the comments.

My blog has been a slow and steady project for me over the past 11 months but I absolutely love it and the people that Ive been able to meet. I don't have any mile stones for my blog but the more of you I interact with the longer I will continue to paste my thoughts over the internet.

Theres still a while to enter my Rayban giveaway, enter here.
Charlotte x

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