Friday, 27 November 2015


Again, I promised myself to make an effort to write these round up posts every month but can someone stop the world for a minute because my last one was in July!! How is that even possible? These past 4 months have been absolutely crazy, but I'm not going to bore you with that amount of photos so I'm sticking to the Autumn months in hope that once December has rolled round I can stay on top of these posts because I enjoy them, and you all seem to comment saying you do too! As always if you want to check out my previous round up post, I will leave the link here.

Firstly I picked up this amazing dresser for £20 (ish), I went to London for some training and got to try some of the most amazing cocktails at one of our sites. Go check them out here if you're in the Waterloo area because their food and drinks are insane!! Then of course when I returned to work I had to tuck into one of our beautiful pizzas.. 

Next up, I was lucky enough to be invited to the Merryhide event, a H&M opened in our town and they have the most unreal lighting ever!! I was contacted by GoCustomized to review one of their cases and picked up this "Be Happy" case. And finnnnnally, I attended the Wren Kitchen Event in Barton and the bottom three images are of my outfit, some baking we tried and of course Linda Barker who is a total babe! I vlogged a little bit for the first time ever too which was super exciting so I'll link that here if you fancied checking it out - please be nice!

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