Monday, 1 June 2015


I was plonked on the sofa the other day thinking up blog post ideas when I decided it was a time for a roundup, thinking it had only been a couple of weeks since I had done one - turns out it was in MARCH! I found myself questioning where on earth this year is going and how it's possible for time to be going so fast but nevertheless I couldn't help myself from continuing with the post so here goes, April and May..

I went to a new bar in my town and tried some yummy mocktails before heading to the races, there's something so satisfying about mind and lime... I attended the Hope & Glory coffee event in Hull, it was my 21st birthday in April, I finally got my hands on some lace up pumps, I moved house again and have been totally obsessed with minimalistic home interior and I finally bought myself some succulents for my windowsill. 

This year has hands down been the busiest year of my life and I definitely need to book me a holiday sometime soon. Just for a week off doing some exploring in the sun.. If you have any reasonably priced recommendations please leave them in the comments!

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Charlotte x

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