Monday, 2 June 2014


Yesterday was the day that all my hard work over the past couple of months has finally come together and I hosted one of my closest friends baby showers. Everything is pretty self explanatory however I forgot my good camera so you'll have to bear with the crappy iPhone quality sorry!!

Luckily it was gorgeous weather so the perfect day for the baby shower, we had a huge buffet and plenty of cake followed by some games. My personal fave involved us all bringing in a picture of us as a baby and they were stuck to the wall and we had to guess who was who - again I forgot to take pictures of us playing I'm so annoyed!! The baby food challenge was hilarious however I did need a bucket on one occasion, safe to say "scrumptious Sunday dinner" is not so scrumptious after all..... Finally I made a calender of dates leading up to my friends due date and days after and we all put stickers on when we think her little boy will make an arrival and there will be a prize for the person closest to the date!!

The day took a lot of planning and decorating and I am so relived it ran so smoothly and everyone was happy :) check out my previous baby shower post for links on where I got some bits and bobs. Others bought bunting and cake stands and again I got a bit caught up and failed at getting pictures of the gifts.....

I hope this helped if you're looking to host something similar! Enjoy your day :)

Charlotte x

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