Saturday, 9 January 2016


I was going to start this post by body shaming myself and saying how gross I feel and that I'm aiming to be a healthier happier person this year, but I've been so positive so far in 2016 that I'm cutting the crap and I'm just gonna roll with it.

I've been trying out a tonne of new recipes this year in order to improve my health and fitness and I have so much determination to get to where I want to be, however - my main downfall for me is my eating habits, I work in a job that means being on my feet for 9 hours a day on average so when I come home I binge on naughty food when watching Netflix and chilling with my friends. Sooo I took it upon myself to find some healthier alternatives to change the poor lifestyle I was leading before and this is the first!

Now I can't be the only one that craves chocolate on an everyday basis? Like I'm not even joking I have the biggest sweet tooth ever! I went to the gym a few days ago, came home and cooked up a delicious stir fry, sat down to watch some YouTube videos and BAM there was the craving. Like someone has slapped me around the face with an invisible bag of Reece's PB cups! I resisted temptation and started raiding the cupboards like a mad woman in attempt to find a healthier alternative. A couple of days previous I had just done a super healthy M&S shop, so had a fruit bowl brimming at the edges and I spotted the peanut butter in the cupboard.. You know what happened next. Apple slices with peanut butter. Holy moly, don't get me wrong I'd still chose Reece's any day but they're pretty good and also a much better alternative!

*Image from Pinterest

It's so simple, you literally chop up an apple into however many pieces you desire and add a hhuge dollop of peanut butter. Voila! I don't know how I managed to write an entire post dedicated to apples and PB but if you're looking to make one change this year, try cutting out the chocolate a little and replacing it with these bad boys. I'd love to hear from you if you try it out - just Tweet me @Charlotte Rumsby.

I'm also still running my Twitter giveaway, for £30 worth of Luxemme vouchers so be sure to check that out if you fancy entering! Thank you so much for all the support on my blog and YouTube channel over the past couple of weeks too, keep your eye out for a little surprise when I hit my 2 year blogging birthday!


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