Friday, 1 May 2015


Warning: Look away now if smashed iPhone screens distress you. £90 for a new screen is not going to happen any time soon..

How many of us bloggers have been known as the one out of the group that takes pictures of absolutely everything for Instagram? I know full well that I'm definitely that person and I'm totally addicted to Instagram. It's great for people that appreciate amazing pictures, it's a fantastic way to connect with other bloggers and brands and of course how else would you share your selfies with the entire world? With this said, I'm always getting questions about how I take and edit my pictures so I thought I'd let you in on a couple of my secrets!

First things first, set your camera to square! There isn't anything more depressing than taking a picture of something and having to crop loads out for it to fit the set frame size on Instagram. Too many pictures have gone to waste because of this, so "Square" is a must.

Secondly, download Afterlight - this app is an absolute miracle worker and can turn the most average selfie into one that you would be happy to have as a driving license picture for life. I think it cost 79p which is nothing for how often I use it! I bump the lighting and the contrast up and usually go for a filer called "Russ" which is really hard to explain but it adds a really lovely tone to your pictures.

Thirdly, remember to save the image! It can be such a ball ache if you forget to save an image and end up uploaded the original - trust me it's happened.

What are your top tips for editing your Instagram pictures? Head over to my IG page here and be sure to give me a follow, I'm always looking for new people to stalk!

Charlotte x

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