Wednesday, 15 April 2015


Someone pleeeeease tell me I'm not alone on this! One thing that always seems to frustrate me is how hyped up certain products get from bloggers/YouTubers through sponsored content. In this case there has been a huge fuss made over the Maybelline foundation and it wasn't until the other day I saw a negative review that I decided I would stop ignoring it and explain that just because "top bloggers" post about something doesn't necessarily make it a good product.

Now don't get me wrong - this might be total personal experience but I see so many similar posts, like the Benefit Rollerlash mascara. Where Benefit must have sent out hundreds of products to bloggers to write about and it just gets tiring, so much so that I would just skip past any Benefit related posts for fear of having to read about the mascara again.

So I thought I would ask the question, are you easily persuaded by PR samples sent to bloggers or would you rather wait until the hype dies down to make your own decision?

Charlotte x
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