Wednesday, 9 April 2014


I told you I'd be back on track, however a little bit to my different to my usual wishlist. I'm trying to get some things together that I have bought myself, so when it comes to me moving out (hopefully before my 21st) then I have things I can take with me rather than being in a rush or relying on my parents. If you read my Room Snippets post, you'll see that a lot of the things in my room are all second hand or from pre-loved/vintage shops as I love that hardly anyone else will have them and it saves a lot of money in comparison to somewhere like Laura Ashley.
Another great place to look for cheaper alternatives to things found in the high street is eBay, from cutlery to sofas and beds, they have everything. I came across just a few things I'm contemplating buying so I thought I would share those with you and hopefully it could be of help for any of you are looking to move out but don't want to spend a fortune.

I'm also selling some of my own things on eBay at the minute, all of which only worn once or twice but my wardrobe is slowly turning into a floordrobe.. Take a look (here).
Charlotte x

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