Sunday, 10 April 2016


So I asked you guys on Twitter if there was anything in particular you wanted to see in terms of fitness related posts and one of you suggested my favourite/best workouts for abs! Now by no means am I a professional in this kind of thing but since my last fitness progression post went down so well, I'm going to let you in on a few of my current faves! Most of these exercises can be completed at home, but I've popped a little asterix next to the ones that you'll need equipment for - and I've added a few videos along the way due to my not so great describing skills.

Now you're going to want to grab yourself a well fitting pair of leggings. I usually go for my Fityque Black leggings to ensure everything stays in one place, especially if my top rides up - however for the first exercises you shouldn't have to worry too much. Abs to be - meet Leg Raises.. This workout is perfect for at home and a lot harder than they look! Be sure to keep your abs tight and your heels together, as you raise both legs from the a 90 degree angle to around 6 inches above the floor. For an extra challenge, raise the legs to a 45 degree angle and back down to the 6 inches to feel that deep burn!

Next up is one of my absolute favourites and that's Russian Twists. This was one of the first abs exercises I started doing when I re-joined the gym and it's the one I usually burnout with at the end of a workout. You will need a kettle bell of your choice - I usually go for a 6-8kg kettle bell and a mat to rest your booty on. Simply rock back onto the top of your bum, cross your ankles in the air and twist from side to side using the kettle bell. I aim for 4 reps of 12 or with a lighter weight until failure.

Obliques Side Raises.. Prepare to feel the burn!! These by far give me the biggest burn the next day and no joke I have these to thanks for melting away my muffin top and giving my more defined obliques recently. I grab a 15kg weighted plate and slide my arm down the side of my thigh (stood up of course) and pull myself back up slowly, using only the strength of my abs. 4 reps of 12 and I'm usually dead and making embarrassing noises!

And finally, the last workout I'm going to share with you is Weighted Incline Sit Ups, with a twist. Now regular sit ups have never been a thing for me. I find them super boring to do, and never saw any results from them so that idea went in the bin - that was until I saw someone doing Weighted Incline Sit ups and it basically is what it says on the tin. Grab yourself an incline bench, a weighted plate (I usually go for 10-15kg) and, slowly but with a super tight core - bring yourself up the bench like a regular sit up, and when you reach the top be sure to turn from left to right once on each side and lower yourself back down. Repeat until failure.. Or tears, whichever comes first. Now trust me, I did these on Friday morning and it's not Sunday evening and I'm still sore. Come on abs I can feel you under there!

Let me know what your favourite exercises are, and I'd love to hear which favourite workout post is that you'd like to see next! Be sure to check out my YouTube channel and Instagram, as I'm on holiday next week so will be posting like crazy.


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