Friday, 12 February 2016


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As someone who usually hates the thought and stress of change, be it a job, moving house or even getting a haircut - this seems like a bizzare post for me to be writing. I've been unbeleivably positive this year compared to the last, but I'm craving a whole new flat, with the money to redecorate and not have all the damp problems and worries about bills and rent that I have at the moment. My temporary solution? Save money and try get a housemate.. (if you want to live with the best person ever.. Me - send me an email).

I want a new car, but have absolutely no reason to get one seeing as though I only use mine once a week or so. Do I sell up and save the money? Or just keep plodding along with my current one? Someone help. I love the freedom of going whenever, and wherever but it's one more expense that I'm wondering if I can afford at the moment.

I wanted to change the way I looked for a long time last year and I've beaten my own ass at the gym this year and I'm already seeing the benefits, from improved skin to a bigger booty. Not all changes have to be expensive or materialistic. I didn't think I'd be this happy from working out a few times a week and cutting out the crap foods from my life. I really love hearing your opinion on my fitness posts, and weather or not you're interested in reading them so pleeaaase let me know!

I'm not really to sure what the point in this post was. Maybe to just get some advice from any of you that are feeling the same at the moment. Am I just becoming an adult or am I getting bored?

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