Wednesday, 9 December 2015


This is definitely not something I ever thought I would see myself talking about, especially on the internet where everyone on the planet is able to read it. But recently I've come to realize that I spend every single day disgusted by my body. Weather it's the fact that I'm working so much at the minute and not eating properly, the lack of water I'm drinking, or how little iron I put into my system making me bruise like a peach but It's draining. Everything I try on at the minute I hate, and no amount of telling myself I'm probably an average size for my height is doing the trick.

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I pay £35 a month for a gym membership that I've not had the time to go to for over two months. I stuff my face with carbs to give me some sort of energy at work and when I get home I'm too tired and unmotivated to do anything that will help me drop a few pounds.

No one else seems to have realised I look different to what I did 6 months ago but to me it's really getting me down. I need to completely change my relationship with food and drink and prioritize my health over everything else for once in my life, it's too easy to slip off the bandwagon and get into a crap routine of cooking unhealthy food just because I live alone and see no point doing a huge meal for just myself. I'm willing to try pretty much anything as long as I can maintain my energy levels at work due to being on my feet for 10 hours or so a day.

I think body image perception is such an important thing, and not something I've ever had huge issues with but I don't believe anyone should feel as though they don't love the skin they're in. We only get one body in our lifetime.

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