Wednesday, 8 July 2015


Can someone please slow this year down already?? I love doing these monthly roundup posts but I seem to be doing them all the time, and its crazy to think we are closer to Christmas than the start of 2015..

This past month hasn't been as crazy as my past few roundup posts, but I've found that moving back to my hometown means I've got to see so much more of my family and friends - hence why the majority of these pictures are selfies! Even my mum got involved!

I've said hello and goodbye to quite a few people this month, a friend from work moved to New Zealand, another came to visit from London, and another we will soon be sending off to New Market. It's so good to see people doing things with their life that they really want to achieve but it's such a bittersweet moment saying those last goodbyes.

On a more positive note, Fathers Day came around meaning spending some quality time with the main men in my life. The fabulous people at Appleyard London sent me this gorgeous bouquet of flowers which I did a full review of here, the equally as amazing people at gifted me this unbelievable clock which I'm yet to hang as I'm possibly the worst person with a drill.. and last but most definitely not least I got another job promotion!!

How has your month been so far? Ive got some really exciting thing to share with you over the next month so keep up to date on my Instagram page and I'm on Bloglovin too if you want to be notified when I post on here!

Charlotte x

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