Friday, 5 June 2015


I moved house nearly a month ago now and I still don't have anywhere to store all my make up and skincare, but because of this I've been reaching for some products more often than others and it's' only fair to share them with you. I've been so impressed with the products I've got on the go at the moment and hopefully you'll love them too!

First up is the amazing MAC lipstick in Taupe, I bought this online on a total whim in hope that it would satisfy my need for Kylie Jenner lips. It's the most lovely shade, perfect for work with simple make up or for a night out with an intense smokey eye. Whatever occasion you have in mind this is the perfect nude shade for every skin tone. Next is the Gorgeous* Lush face cream that I got for my birthday in a gift box. I didn't expect anything drastic as a moisturiser but used just before bed it takes hours to eventually sink into my skin leaving my face feeling like silk in the morning.

If you read this post here you will have seen that I recently picked up some Coconut Oil and was going to update you on how I'm getting on with it as a multipurpose product, and in all honesty I can't believe I didn't jump on the band wagon sooner. I've been using it for Oil Pulling (more on that coming soon) and the results have been great! I shared a sneak peak of the results so far over on my Twitter page so go have a nosey :)

And finally is the Maybelline Brow Drama - after my MAC eyebrow pencil ran out I scurried back to Boots to see if they had anything to replace it. I picked this pencil up once before but I think I must have chosen the wrong shade as the brows I'm packing at the minute are the best they've ever been.

I'd love to hear what beauty products you've been loving in the comments! I'm over on Bloglovin too if you fancy staying up to date with my posts.

Charlotte x

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