Friday, 10 April 2015


You've taken your make up off, cleansed your face but still feel like you're missing something.. I was in this situation for what seems like forever until I went to the Lush event (the one I've mentioned a thousand times) a few weeks back and was introduced to their Toner Water*. I ummed and ahhed about getting it as I wandered around the shop until one of the lovely ladies popped it in my basket and let me try it for free, winner!

I love how fresh it feels on my skin even if I have removed every last bit of make up and dirt, leaving it no real use. My skin feels plump and smells amazing each time I've used it, I simply just spray a couple of squirts onto 2 cotton pads and run them over my face paying attention to the little nooks and crannys around my nose and jawline.

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Charlotte x
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