Monday, 20 April 2015


So a couple of days ago - the lovely Jenny from Curious Alice Loves tagged me to do the Sisterhood of the World tag and I've not done a post like this in months so thought it would be a great idea - here goes!  

1. What is your ultimate treat meal?
Not that it's really a treat meal but I loooove Shepherds Pie with gravy and a bag of chocolate raisins or Malteasers for dessert - mmmm.... *drools* 
2. What are your three favourite items of clothing?
Do shoes count? If so its these beautys that are in the picture above, a pair of high waisted black trousers and an oversized blazer or boyfriend jacket. 
3.  Share your best beauty tip.
My best beauty tip is also a money saver. Forget spending £30+ on fancy contour kits, just grab yourself a cheap brown/taupe eye shadow and blend, blend, blend!
4.  What is your guilty pleasure to watch on TV?
I rarely get chance to watch any TV anymore, however I am totally obsessed with Netflix. I signed up about three months ago and have watched so many different things it's mental! My most guilty pleasure was probably Ru Paul's Drag Race or I've just finished Vampire Diaries and I'm now not sure what to do with my life..
5.  What would your autobiography be titled?
"Forget about the plan" 
6.  Are there any trends you’d love to try but daren’t?
Yes - culottes! I absolutely love the look of them but haven't even got the balls to try them on in a changing room let alone actually buy them. 
7.  Finish this sentence “you should all read my blog if….”
You made it this far down the post.
8. Where do you see yourself one year from now?
Progressing with my work and my blog, meeting a tonne more of local bloggers and working with even more amazing brands. Also, having my own place to call home and being financially stable.
9.  Describe yourself in five words.
Hardworking, determined, loyal, impatient, caring
10. How do you fit blogging around your other life commitments?
It's no secret that I schedule a good 80% of my blog posts to go live when I'm at work, I take masses of blog pictures at once and always have my iPhone glued to my hand to stay on top of social media and e-mails incase I'm away from my laptop for more than 24 hours..... #bloggerprobs

So there were my answers, thanks again Jenny for tagging me! I tag:

Jayde - Always Alice
Faye - I wish I could wink
Natasha - This & That

And your questions are:

1. If you could only speak to one person for the rest of your life who would it be?
2. What is your biggest achievement of the year?
3. If your house was burning down what would be the first thing you saved?
4. Who are your top 5 bloggers?
5. Winter or summer and why....
6. Do you have a secret talent or party trick?
7. If you could go to any country in the world where would you go?
8. Blogs or YouTube?
9. Is a jaffa cake a cake or a biscuit?
10. How many times do you re-read posts before hitting publish?

Charlotte x

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