Monday, 23 March 2015


I am probably the worst person on earth at painting my nails and not letting them dry before I do something. Even itching my nose seems to spread nail polish across the back of my hands and my face but I can never seem to sit still and wait for them to dry. I picked up the Barry M Speedy nail polishes the other week in my local Superdrug and its been hard not to go back and pick up every shade. They dry super fast, making them perfect for people like me who find 101 jobs to do straight after I've painted my nails.

I picked up the colour Pit Stop and so far it's been amazing. The only thing I find a bit strange is the consistency.. You know when you've not used a nail polish in ages and it goes really gloopy and its time to throw it out? That's what these are like but a little runnier. I can only assume that's the reason they dry so fast but I have no idea about anything like that.

Will you be trying out this range?

Charlotte x

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