Monday, 9 March 2015


I think we all have those products that we buy then completely forget about. For me it usually results in ten tonnes of cotton pads but in this case it was the Origins Zero Oil deep pore cleanser*. My dad bought it back from the US ages ago for me and it was only the other day I found it and decided to try it straight away.

I find it hard to talk about such a simple product but this is completely different to any cleanser I have used before, most of which leave my skin feeling dull and dry. This Origins cleanser leaves my skin feeling silky and plump and made it so much easier for me to apply my make up after with a fresh surface. It has instantly replaced my Body Shop cleanser but with such a hefty price tag I wont be buying it for myself any time but it would make a lovely gift.

What cleansers are you currently using?

Charlotte x

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