Friday, 27 February 2015


I know full well I'm not alone in  the struggle of working full time, running a blog and also trying to have a life but there are a few things I have learnt that have helped me out big time and today I'm sharing them with you lovely bunch.

Scheduling posts: I know I always mention this but scheduling posts is literally my biggest life saver. Sometimes on my day off I go blogging mad and write up 5/6 posts and schedule them for the following 2 weeks and it saves me the worry of having no content to post.

Hootsuite: My job is one of those where I can start as early as 6am or finish as late as 2am, there's no knowing when/if I will get the chance for a break which means I never have the time to promote my posts via Twitter. Hootsuite is a platform that I think has been around for a while but I've never used until recently. If you know when your posts are going live you can schedule twees for around the same time, or during busy times of  the day to promote your page even when you're not at your phone/computer. I was a bit skeptical that the tweets I was posting would sound too generic but most the time I forget they have been scheduled and start to think I wrote them live - I'm sure no one else can tell the difference either.

Always be marketing: It's simple. You never know who you might start chatting to at work, so make sure you are proud of your work and you leave a memorable impression. I invested in some business cards the other day and its the best decision I've made. I've had to travel quite a bit with work recently and I've mentioned my blog to so many people but never had anything to give them to remember me by. It's worth the investment I promise, I got mine from Vistaprint.

Other people feel the same: I moved out of my family home last September and into a house with my best friend in Hull and it didn't take long to feel isolated from all my friends back in my home town even though its only 10 miles away. However I got chatting to a couple of local bloggers and was invited to a meet up and its only got better since then. I've met and I am yet to meet some lovely bloggers that live so close to me. It's nice to be able to attend events on my days off and it feels like the hard work is really worth it.

Emails: I cant even stress how important this is. I rarely get the chance to check my emails at work, and sometimes 2 or 3 days have gone by without any attention. Email is the main way brands will connect with bloggers and it can look quite bad if you take forever to reply and they may think you are uninterested in what they are offering. I always mention my full time job when responding to brand emails and they all seem to be understanding.

If you have any more tips for working full time and running a blog let me know in the comments. If you're not already go follow me on Instagram I'm constantly looking for new people to follow!

Charlotte x

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