Friday, 13 February 2015


Today's post is a little different from usual. After a solid 2 months of madness at work I've completely neglected my health and run myself down - so it was a miracle when I was contacted by the people at Bimuno to see if I wanted to try one of their products - Immunaid*.  By taking two a day, these chewable pastilles are meant to help keep your immune system fit and healthy

My first impression was that they where orange and reminded me of the chewy vitamins I used to have as a child but unfortunately they don't have much taste. This might be great for some however I would have preferred them to be slightly fruity. I've been taking these twice a day for the past week and I haven't noticed huge changes however I don't seem to be as sniffly as I have been throughout winter, also I'm not as hungry in the afternoon when I take these with my breakfast. Has anyone else noticed this or am I just odd?

Have you tried Bimuno before or anything similar?

Charlotte x

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