Monday, 29 December 2014


I recently got my hands on some Tiny Tea* and being a stereotypical Brit I jumped at the opportunity to review it. Tiny Tea claims to assist with bloating, indigestion, problematic skin, cellulite and tonnes more of that glamorous stuff, whilst promising that a percent of every sale is donated to carefully selected charities each month.

I had five tea bags to start myself off with and unlike most of products claiming to do the same thing, its quite tasteless, kind of a cross between a weak green tea and nettle tea. I've been drinking this in a morning with my breakfast and I've noticed I no longer get that 10 o'clock rumbling tummy but no drastic changes. Thankfully I havent had any side effects from this tea, as most similar products have been known to literally flush you out, (TMI sorry) but I never had this problem.

I took a before and after picture of my 5 day detox and can't see that much of a difference. It made breakfast more interesting but I probably won't be purchasing the full detox box simply because of the price.

Have you tried any detox teas before?

Charlotte x
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