Wednesday, 5 November 2014


For those of you that know me personally you'll be aware that I have a love hate relationship with primers. I love the idea of them and the possibility of longer lasting make up but I've never been able to find a good one until I got a tester of MACs Prep + Prime with an order a while back. I dabbled in it and wasn't that bothered until I received another tester in an order and found myself using it daily and applying it before I even considering which foundation to use. 

The Prep + Prime has a really lightweight feel to it, initially I couldn't decide weather it was greasy or just really smooth but I think its both. Its super hydrating on the dryer areas of my face but its also gentle on my slightly oily T-Zone. It's not a huge miracle worker that makes my make up last for 24 hours but it does add about 3 hours to the general wear of my make up. Being in the industry I'm in, its great news if anything makes my make up stick through the day/night and I still look presentable when I crawl back into bed at home.

Have you tried Prep + Prime?

Charlotte x
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