Friday, 21 November 2014


To say that before Autumn this year I had rarely used any Clinique products, they've had quite a lot of limelight on my blog recently - see my previous posts here and here. This however is by far my favourite product of all. Their Exfoliating Scrub* is to die for. Hear me out before the "exfoliators are all the same" comments, Im aware it cant be drastically different to regular high street products, but the thickness is comparable to a face mask that easily buffs it into your skin and instantly leaves it feeling smoother and plumper. It claims to be great for oily skin types which at the minute is a savior for my T-Zone, and I've not found it to be drying as long as I use my regular moisturizer afterwards. 

What are your thoughts on high end exfoliators, are they worth the price tag?

Charlotte x
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