Monday, 6 October 2014


I'm currently at my dads house "dog-sitting" in front of the fire with a huge selection of films calling my name, and I thought what better time than to attempt the "Sweater Weather Tag"?  Enjoy!

1. Favourite candle scent? 
Hands down the Cinnamon Yankee Candle, I'm guilty of burning this bad boy all year round
but it definitely beats any other when it comes to Autumn/Winter.

2.Coffee, tea or hot chocolate? 
I try and stay loyal to peppermint tea for calorific reasons but I do seem to end up consuming at least 3 hazelnut lattes a week in the colder months.

3. Whats the best fall memory you have? 
Travelling around Europe via train with my best friend in September and October last year. Every time its a cold, crisp day it takes me straight back to the leafy parks in Berlin.

4. Which make up trend do you prefer, winged eyeliner or dark lips? 
Dark lips, Revlon Black Cherry for sure.

5. What are you doing for Halloween? 
Having a house party at my place, we're yet to decide on a theme but let me know if you have any ideas or tips in the comments.

6. Hats or scarves?
Scarves definitely, my head is too big.

7. Most worn jumper?
I'm not really a jumper person, simply because I've never found one I really love. However I've been getting tonnes of use out of this H&M cardigan, its slightly oversized and is great for snuggling on the sofa. At £7.99 how could you say no?

8. Favourite fall nail polish?
Barry M Lychee without a doubt, I did a full review of it here.

9. Skinny jeans or leggings?
Skinny jeans all day err-day.

10. Boots or uggs? 
Boots! I love that there are so many different styles and materials available and I'm a huge sucker for an ankle boot... Especially one with a cut out design *drool*.

I'm always looking for new blogs to follow so be sure to link yours in the comments!

Charlotte x

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