Thursday, 21 August 2014


Fortunately for me, the nearest Starbucks to home is a good 15 minute drive so I took it upon myself to have a go at making Iced Latte's. They've been a hit between me and my friends throughout summer so I'm letting you in on the most simple steps ever!

You will need:
  • A handful of ice
  • Instant coffee
  • Sugar (optional)
  • Milk of your preference.


Firstly, boil a small amount of water in your kettle and spoon 1 tsp of instant coffee into a separate glass and stir. If you prefer a sweeter coffee, you can do the same with 1-2 tsp of sugar and wait for it to dissolve. Pop your ice into a glass or jar - (I chose an old jam jar today they're just the cutest) and fill just over half way with milk. Finally, wait for your coffee to cool slightly and pour it over the top. 

Simple as that! Lovely and refreshing on a hot day and you can easily substitute the sugar for sweeteners, and semi skimmed milk for skimmed. Let me know if you try this out for yourselves by tagging me on Instagram @charlrumsby.

Charlotte x

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