Tuesday, 5 August 2014


Around a month ago on holiday one of my favourite MAC lipsticks became severely deformed after what I can only assume was a mad night with its lid off in my handbag. I was so annoyed until I finally cried my river and found myself Googling ways to fix it. To some, the before picture might not look that bad but every time I tried to apply it, it was edging closer to breaking off entirely. So here's my advice to any of you currently in this situation.

Step 1: Accept the fact your favourite lipstick will never be perfect again.
Step 2: Apply paper towel to your preparation area to catch prevent marking everything in Neon Orange.

Step 3: Carefully using matches or a lighter, melt the problem area of the lipstick.
Step 4: Using a cocktail stick, begin to re-mould the product to its original state.
Step 5: Place your lipstick in the fridge (with your dinner) for approximately 30 minutes or until it has re-set.

Step 6: Give the packaging a quick clean up. (and repaint nails - ugh!)
Step 7: Test the lipstick to ensure no more damage can be done.

Voila` fixed!!
Charlotte x

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