Tuesday, 15 July 2014


Although I've only been blogging a short period of time, I always feel a constant need to supply you guys with good and most importantly consistent content. Luckily for most fashion or beauty bloggers this is their full time job, which trust me I envy every one of you!! However I blog, I work 5 days a week, go to a fitness bootcamp 3 days a week and try and have some sort of social life.

I recently went on holiday to Croatia for a week and had an absolutely amazing time, and didn't feel any pressure to take any outfit pictures or make notes to do food reviews or anything it was just a week for "me time".

This is just a little reminder to say that I've not forgotten about my blog, I'm most certainly going to be posting more regularly. I just wondered if any of my fellow bloggers feel this bizarre pressure to do post so often although blogging is simply just a hobby to most of us.

Charlotte x

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