Tuesday, 20 May 2014


A couple of months back I volunteered myself to organise my friends baby shower little did I know how much planning and organising went into it!! It's been so much fun getting little bits and bobs together and most things have been DIY jobs. I've got friends making bunting and baking cakes so there is still a lot more to come as well as still having half a baby blanket to knit!! Eeeek. Anyway here's a little insight as to what I've got sorted so far and I hope it helps any of you trying to plan a baby shower on a budget.

I picked up these cute straws from eBay for just £1.99 which I'm hoping will look lovely in tall glasses of ice cold cloudy lemonade - yum! I grabbed a few muffin cases from Tesco which I'll probably only use the blue ones for the baby shower and the others for experiment muffins.

The embarassing and out of focus picture of me and my dad is for one of the games of guess the baby, I've asked all the girls to bring in a photo of them as a baby/toddler and we have to guess who is who with some sort of prize at the end - cue awful baby photo albums!

I also got this cheap picture frame from Tesco and made a timetable of the dates up to and after my friends due date. The aim is to pop a sticker on the date you think the mother to be will give birth and the person closest to the day wins a prize, most likely chocolate knowing us!! I got this idea from Pintrest, always a great source for DIY ideas.

Last but not least a tiny snippet of one of the blanket squares I've been knitting, to say I learnt how to knit on Christmas day I don't think I've done that badly!!

Finally I got 3 mason jars from Amazon to fill with different varieties of blue sweets but they remain empty for now as they wouldn't last 5 minutes in the same room as me!! Keep an eye out for how it all turns out in my next baby shower post - 12 days and counting!!
Charlotte x

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