Monday, 24 March 2014


So I've been having a bit of a Spring clean/organise in my room lately and thought since it was looking relatively tidy for once I'd give you a sneak peak of some of my favourite bits and bobs. Firstly my bed is my absolute pride and joy. A king sized slice of heaven all to myself.... As you can tell my room is very plain in colour but I enjoy updating it seasonally through cushions, duvet covers, flowers and candles. My duvet cover I got recently from Tesco at £25 which is pretty good for a king size but I couldn't find the link online - sorry!!

Most of the furniture in my room is from second hand/vintage/pre-loved shops so I can't give you the link to where I got it unfortunately but with plenty of hunting those kinds of places I'm sure you can find pieces of equal originality for a fraction of their previous price. My chest of drawers for example is the dirtiest and shabbiest thing in my room covered in scuffs and marks but I love it. The shallow drawers are great for make up storage, pyjamas and undies. My lamp is also from a pre-loved vintage shop and cost around £7 I think, its touch sensitive with 3 different settings which is great for a calm atmosphere in the evenings. 

I store most of my make up brushes in this old candle jar (orignally from Matalan). I dug out the candle as it was burning unevenly and gave it a quick wash and voila!! A perfect shabby brush holder, apologies for not cleaning my brushes before taking these pictures....

After a jewellery clear out these are the only necklaces I was left with - time for some shopping I think!! Necklace holders like this can be found all over, try eBay for the best prices. Yes I do have fairy lights in my room and yes I know it is no longer Christmas but I think they add such a cosy touch to the room so they're staying put for now.

Charlotte x

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