Monday, 10 March 2014


I've been hunting for a pair of chunky, cleated ankle boots like this for at least 2 months now. Scouring the web and my local shops for something comfy yet affordable I found these beauties online. Originally £27.99 but down to £17.99 how is a girl meant to say no??? I ordered the very last pair from the New Look website however I'll attach the link (here) and you can keep an eye out in case they come back into stock.

They only had a size 7 left and I'm usually a 7.5 however because they we're described as "wide fit" I thought they might have a bit more stretch to them and they're a perfect fit - even though my feet are the furthest thing from wide. Now let me tell you that whichever angel designed these lined them with clouds, they are so so soft on the inside and I have worn them around the house to wear them in a bit and so far no blisters!!

I wasn't too keen on the zip detailing on the website but now they're here I love it. If unlike me you're not a fan of the long zip, it looks like the could be easily removed. The main part of the sole feels spongey yet the heel is really sturdy with no chance of wearing away. I am so happy with these and will definitely be buying more shoes from the New Look website as the store in my town doesn't offer much variety in the way of shoes.

On nights out I've been leaning towards comfort when it comes to shoes, usually going for a pair of heeled Chelsea boots and I think these will be a great alternative and comfort always means longer on the dancefloor!! I'll be sure to post some outfit pictures when I get round to styling them for different occasions.

Charlotte x

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