Thursday, 6 February 2014


I've been loyal to facial wipes since I first started experimenting with make up, however I've decided to be a tad more experimental when it comes to alternatives - so here is the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water, a miracle in a bottle!!

With facial wipes I always found myself having to use another product to remove the remainder of my make up after using a FULL wipe. Whereas with the cleansing water you simply add a few drops to a cotton pad and watch your make up instantly disappear. I have normal to dry skin and expected this to suck the living life out of my face but it is surprisingly a really hydrating product - besides moisturiser. Its scent free which means you can add your favourite night moisturiser on top and not end up smelling like a sweet shop!! Bonus!!
My favourite thing about this is that unlike make up wipes, the tiniest mistake in your make up can be removed using just a drop of the Micellar water rather than using an entire make up wipe and having none left after 2 weeks... It also claims that 400ml = 200 uses!! 
I haven't seen this in many other shops but I picked mine up for just £2.99 in Savers.
All in all, massive high five to Garnier!

Charlotte x

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